Monday, August 11, 2008


Welcome to the first post of the ToeNail Interruptus blog. This is a site that highlights the Artemis Woman Nail Catcher and how it can "save" relationships and add peace and comfort to your world. By adding your own foot story to this blog, you may be selected to receive a free Artemis Woman Nail Catcher.

So what do we mean by saving relationships and adding peace and comfort to your world?

Well, Artemis Woman surveyed over 100 people and found that most women think their partner's nail clipping habits are gross and wish the partner would change them. And, we found that almost 75% of those surveyed were not aware there was a toenail clipper out there with a built in nail catcher -- The Artemis Woman Nail Catcher!

Anyway, we feel that FEET can be a fun subject to talk about. We want this to be an interactive site where we share our funny, provocative or just plain horrendous toenail clipping stories. To kick it off, Artemis Woman will give away a free Nail Catcher daily to a randomly-selected poster who tells us about strange nail clipping sitings. We will share as well what we've heard during our research. I know, this is odd; but just laugh and go along with it!


  1. Anyone who has spent some time on the New York City subway system will surely attest that you see some strange things down there...

    Well, in the not too distant past, I was riding home to Brooklyn after a long day of work. I was able to get a seat on a crowded train, "what a brilliant stroke of luck," I thought. Well, let me tell you, I was wrong!

    My seat must have been vacated by another passenger who was disgusted by the scene that I quickly realized that I had stepped into. A decently dressed man, probably in his 40's, was sitting with one leg up, headphones on, meticulously clipping away at his toenails! ON A CROWDED SUBWAY CAR!

    You might think, "Ewww" but would imagine it will stop soon. Not the case! This dude clipped his nails the ENTIRE trip from Union Square to Brooklyn (About 10 minutes), how he spent this much time, and in such a public space, I do not know. .. maybe he had, like, 17 toes!

    I'd love to tell you that this has only happened on one occasion, but then I'd be lying. Watch out! (At least use a nail catcher if you are going to be so disgusting in public).

  2. I love my husbad, but I am constantly plagued by toenails appearing in my life at the least expected moments. I will find small piles on the coffee table (yuck!) as I sit down with a friend; on the bathroom counter (why not just push them into the drain or the garbage?! Too much effort after already hoisting your feet up onto the counter? ughhh!), in the cup holder in the car. YES! The cup holder in the car. Please tell me how THAT happened? I can only hope he was stuck in traffic, and not driving, texting and peeling toenails all at the same time!
    Perhaps a new law should be introduced. Or amend the cell phone law to include peeling your nails while driving!

  3. One night hubby and I were enjoying catching up on some TiVo recordings in our bedroom. Hubby was eating a bowl of cereal (one of his favorite nightly snacks), and I decided to pamper my toes a bit. Of course, I started with the trimming my toe nails and where do you think that very first clip went? Yep, flying into the air and right into my husbands bowl of cereal! It was funny because we both saw it flying and watched it land in there. It was like a slow motion thing even. I think the nail catcher would end the snap, crackle, toenail in our house!

  4. I asked my pedicurist if she had any bizarre flying nail stories, and boy, did she. One day as she was clipping a customer's toenails,
    a flying shard imbedded itself in her lower lip and stayed there until the sympathetic customer pulled it out...OUCH! I believe she would benefit from the nail catcher even more than me.